How to start a business with a wet tissue device? Donggong machinery tells you

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The beginning of wet towel business is to obtain product quality certification, environmental protection certification, industrial and commercial registration and tax registration. Find a few smart people with complete websites and office equipment, and you can start working!

First, we should determine what type of wipes to make, and look at the local supermarkets. Which wipes are popular. The raw material used for wipes is non-woven fabric.

The starting point of making a wet towel factory is to find good raw materials. Non woven fabrics look the same. In fact, good non-woven fabrics are very different from poor non-woven fabrics. Good non-woven fabrics have no residue after wiping, and poor non-woven fabrics will have small fine hairs after wiping. Now the market competition is large, and we must do a good job in wet towels before we can occupy a favorable position.

There are many manufacturers of wet tissue equipment, and the machines for making wet tissue are also very different. Although some machines can also be used to make wet tissue, it feels that the water drops all the time, and it feels very rough when holding it in your hand. The wet tissue made by our machine can not only lock the water, but also make the wet tissue very smooth and feel very good, When purchasing the machine, you can also try it on site and then purchase it. The equipment of Donggong machinery has been on-line for 7 times. The wearing parts adopt high standards of wear resistance and wear resistance. Fre door-to-door installation and commissioning ensure the smooth operation of the customer's equipment and produce benefits quickly.

Next, we train people. We must make a lot of wet wipes and sell them to the outside world in order to make money. If we are too busy, we need to recruit some employees to help. The wet wipes machine of Donggong machinery is easy to operate, and the supporting production line is fully automatic. NEW employees can also help us make good wet wipes, Help us sell wet wipes.

The key to the success of entrepreneurship is to find a way out for the sales of our wet wipes. We can also find a way out while producing. In this way, when we find it, we also have goods to supply businesses. It is suggested to find local cooperative supermarkets and small commodity wholesale stores. At present, there is a large demand for wet wipes in these places. If we can cooperate for a long time, we basically don't have to worry. We just do a good job in production and wait to make money.

Quanzhou Donggong machinery, founded in 1985, is a modern enterprise specializing in manufacturing wet towel machinery, packaging machinery and household paper equipment.

At present, the main products are: automatic extraction baby wipes machine, automatic wipes packaging machine, automatic wipes folding machine, automatic cylindrical wipes machine, toilet paper equipment, paper towel machinery and other series products. Its products are sold all over the country and exported to more than 60 countries and regions in the world, and are deeply trusted by users all over the world.

With the enterprise tenet of "innovation and development, integrity based", Donggong sincerely provides customers with high-quality products and good services. Our company is willing to sincerely cooperate with new and old friends from all walks of life at home and abroad to create the future!

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