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The disinfecting wet towel machine can choose to clean the cover, low noise, no pollution, stainless steel body, beautiful and durable. Cutting, forming, folding, liquid filling, bagging, sealing and output of finished products from non-woven fabrics are completed automatically at one time. Donggong machinery meets the dual needs of customers from scheme design to complete machine planning and finalization, from parts production to complete machine assembly and commissioning, and from quality and service.

When using the wet towel machine at ordinary times, you also need to observe carefully to see whether the equipment is abnormal and there is no place for work efficiency. What are the specific methods of using the equipment under normal conditions? We can correctly understand these specific situations and see if there are other abnormal problems in the equipment, so as to help us solve them. Pay serious attention to these aspects and deal with problems in a timely manner.

Check the equipment before starting it every day, clean it after use, and take a timely look at the condition of the wet towel machine. If there are some problems, they need to be solved in time. If there are no problems, they can continue to be used. Therefore, in the process of daily use, they should do a good job of inspection and maintenance, In this way, the equipment will be used for a longer time and can effectively reduce other things.

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